Product Testimonials

We sell the best protective films on the MARKET. This is why.


  • "The film is absolutely unnoticeable, and does not affect the brightness and colors of the screen. It does offer good protection from scratches. And I have to say from my experience that the screen gets scratched extremely easily without protection, even if you are very careful with your camera. I am happy with this product and recommend it to you."

  • "It is completely transparent to the point you won't even know it's there. It thwarts fingerprints which is HUGE on touch screen cameras."

  • "was expecting difficulty as usual - it was actually easy to do, came out perfectly first try (you get 2 and I'm usually sweating out the second film application after the first failed. This product is truly outstanding first time - instructional video on their website helps. Top notch quality!!! Highly Recommend."

  • "The fits are perfect with no unprotected areas. There is simply NO other choice as far as I'm concerned. They are easily removed if necessary as there is no glue. If you're looking for a screen protector just get one of these and don't look back."

  • "It is AMAZING. First of all, no tool is needed to get it on the LCD screen. There's no bubble! I hardly notice the film is there. And it's fingerprint resistant. Should've bought this from the beginning."

  • "After 4 month of using the film on my a-55, I can boldly say it is the best product of it's kind."

  • "I have zero air bubbles or dust. This is partly due to the clever adhesive square they give you to clean the screen before applying the protector. They also include a nice big micro-fiber cloth. Very good product."

  • "I would recommend this product. It fits my camera perfectly! It leaves just enough space on the edges so film is not peeled off easily. Protects the screen and easy to clean too."

  • "You can cannot tell it is on the screen. The light transmission is great and does not interfere with the display. Everything you need to install the film properly is included in the kit. The added bonus is the micro wipe cloth that other vendors sell for upwards to $10 alone."

Pro Guard HDAG iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • "Having been through a half dozen screen protectors for the iPhone 4, I've finally found one that: a) doesn't bubble/trap lint, b) is easy to apply, c) doesn't glare, d), isn't noticeable/doesn't change the iPhone 4 experience (and actually fits), and e) lasts."

  • "This screen protector is amazing! It is super easy to apply, doesn't trap any air bubbles OR lint/etc, and it doesn't compromise the image. Also, when I use my iphone there are no fingerprints or smudges, and it feels fantastic on the fingers."

  • "So it has been more than a year and my film is still going strong. As for the product, it feels really luxury and high-end. Would very recommend this. 5/5"

  • "It's a nice thick film, yet once applied it's as if it's not there. I like the anti-glare look too."

  • "It is extremely easy to place on the surfaces and you are given plenty of material to clean off smudges. They also give you adhesives to clear away lint. After placement, there were virtually no air bubbles, and the texture is fantastic to the feel and for excellent vision even on sunny days. I highly recommend this product."

Pro Guard AF iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • "Overall, the installation for this screen protector was the EASIEST among all the screen protectors I've installed and the fit and finish is amazing. I would recommend this to the other screen protectors without a doubt."

  • "Installation was a breeze and the lint free cloth that came with the product was LARGE. I think I can re-use the cloth for other purposes like keeping my camera LCD clean. Having used various screen guards in the past, I did not require any exhaustive instructions to install this product."

  • "This screen protector is a snap to apply. It sucked onto the iphone instantly and didn't create any bubbles. It has a gorgeous glossy finish and feels exactly like the iphone's natural screen. This will be the only screen protector I'm using from now on."

  • "Very happy with the feel. I was concerned I'd lose the smooth glass feel when I applied this but the feel of the protector is almost the same as the bare glass. I will definitely buy again if I need to get a new one. Had mine for 2 months and it still looks great. No streaks or scrapes."