How To Apply Our Protective Films

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Protective Films

1. Wipe away dirt, dust, and fingerprints on the LCD display surface carefully and thoroughly with a washable micro-fiber cloth and a cleaning sheet included in the package.

2. Before peeling off a protective sheet, place the film on the LCD display to eyeball where to place it. Our film is slightly smaller than the LCD display to make it easier to position.

3. Remove the protective sheet, and place the film on the LCD display slowly and carefully. Our film should more or less stick to the LCD display on its own.

4. If you see some air bubbles, use a cloth and push them to the edge gently. You might want to wrap something like a credit card in a cloth to make the edge just a bit sharper. (With our new technology, small bubbles should disappear on their own in a few days.)

5. Wipe away dirt, dust and fingerprints with the micro-fiber cloth included in the package, as often as you wish.

6. Please use our Ion Water and Crystal Coat for daily cleaning.
(IW01200) Ion Water #01 (Buy it from Amazon)
(GFGC01) Crystal Coat #101 (Buy it from Amazon)

Note: Our instructional video on how to apply our film on iPhone 4 might be helpful, especially to remove air bubbles. Please click here.

Note: Part of the film set is a cleaning sheet. Use this to remove dust and dirt from LCD screen before applying our film.

Instructional Videos

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